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Watch the Trailer for ‘Small Delights,’ a Muslim American Coming of Age Story

A still from the film Small Delights.
A still from the film Small Delights.

In her new short film Small Delights director Hena Ashraf tells the story of Aziza, a teenage hijabi from New York City who is trying to figure out her place in the world. Music is the one constant in Aziza’s life, as you can see in the trailer below, she spends most of her time either listening to records, shopping for CDs or scandalously sneaking off to concerts.

Fun fact: Aziza’s mother in the film is played by Reena Shah of My Pet Dragon and Sita Sings the Blues fame.

Readers in the New York City area can catch a screening of Small Delights tonight at 7 p.m. as part of the Queens World Film Festival in Long Island City. It will be followed by a screening of the documentary Migrations of Islam, which is directed by Swarnavel Eswaran Pillai. For tickets please visit this site.