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The Woman at the Center of the Heritage Foundation Debacle Speaks Out

Telling her story: It’s been four days since American University law student Saba Ahmed was thrust into the public eye after she was taunted by several prominent conservatives during a panel discussion at the Heritage Foundation. After having various accusations thrown at her– including ones that said she was a Democratic Party plant or that she had been exaggerating the incident– Ahmed decided to speak out in the form of a guest blog post in the Washington Post opinions section. From the piece:

I find it deeply offensive when people misrepresent my faith, as participants in the Heritage forum did. In addition, I am a Republican, because of my conservative Islamic values: pro-life, pro-family, pro-business, pro-trade. I had been a Democrat for years but concluded that the party’s liberal values conflicted with Islam.

Ahmed also reveals that she was born in Rawalpindi, Pakistan and notes that she is the proud holder of a bachelor’s, an MBA and a law degree and is currently studying for a masters in law and government at American University. (Washington Post)

Kumail Nanjiani explains how he prepares for Portlandia: In case you missed it, The comedian was on Late Night with Seth Meyers last month dishing about Portlandia. Here’s the information the show’s producers gave him before he taped his first episode. “I get an email that says, ‘They want to buy a cell phone and you’re trying to upsell them.’ And that was it. It was two lines.” You can watch the segment in the video above.

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