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An In-Flight Holi Dance Gets the Wrong Sort of Attention, Danny Pudi’s Directoral Debut, and More

In flight Holi Dance

Another Example of How Viral Videos Usually Aren’t the Best Idea: The low-cost airline SpiceJet is in a lot of hot water after a video of an on-air Holi dance that reportedly took place midway through a Bangalore to Goa flight went viral. Mint reports that the video caught the attention of India’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation and they were not impressed. As one anonymous official told the paper:

“They conducted eight flights on which there was dance in the aisle area harming passenger safety. The flights were reduced to a mockery, the centre of gravity of the aircraft could have been impacted,” the official said. “Mobiles were used to capture the show in violation of our rules. The dance could have provoked passengers into unruly behaviour. The captain came out and was dancing outside the cockpit.”

SpiceJet could have its license suspended because of the incident. You can judge the safety of the dance for yourself below (note that at around 30 seconds in you can see a member of the cockpit crew clearly enjoying the show):

[Via Scroll.in]

Watch Danny’s Pudi’s Directoral Debut: Good news for fans of Danny Pudi and Marquette basketball — ESPN has put Pudi’s short documentary Untucked online. The film focuses on Marquette’s 1977 championship team and their iconic ‘untucked’ jerseys, which were designed by player (and fashion major) Bo Ellis. “It was kind of like a mini-tuxedo, but shorter,” was how one former player described the look of the uniform. It was also great to see the evolution of the jersey through the ages. The entire 15-minute film can be seen below. [ESPN]

India Urged to Declassify Report on Indo-China War: It’s been 52 years since the 1962 Indo-China War, yet an Indian army report on what went wrong remains classified. While parts of the report were leaked online earlier this week, those excerpts were quickly taken down. The Times of India and other major Indian papers and journalists are among those who are calling for the report’s release. [BBC]

British Baby Born in Pakistani Jail Will Remain There for Near Future: I see a Locked Up Abroad episode based on this story in the future. Khadija Shah, a 26-year-old British Pakistani woman, was pregnant when she was arrested for attempting to smuggle heroin in 2012. Her daughter Malaika was born inside the Adaila jail in Rawalpindi 16 months ago and has remained there with her mother ever since. [Daily Mail]

Pakistan Vows to Protect Journalists: Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif says the country will investigate targeted violence against journalists and also announced it would review the blacklisting of The New York Times‘ Pakistan bureau chief Declan Walsh. [New York Times]

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