Sim Bhullar Gets One Step Closer to the NBA

Could we soon see the first NBA player of Indian descent? While New Mexico State center Sim Bhullar wasn’t among the players drafted by the NBA last week, he did receive a summer league contract from the Sacramento Kings. (It should be noted that the Kings are owned by Vivek Ranadiv√©, the only Indian American owner in the league.) [NBC Asian America]

ETS and the College Board apologize for offensive t-shirt: The test administrators issued a statement late last week after a “culturally and racially insensitive” t-shirt was distributed at this year’s AP World History grading. [NBC Asian America]

Bookmark this: You might have noticed that I started contributing to the new NBC Asian America vertical. You should bookmark it. [NBC]

The importance of finding a strong career mentor:
Personal relationships are more important than ever in the business world. Over at Metro New York, I take a look at how young professionals can find and keep strong mentors. [Metro New York]

Ann Coulter Is Right to Fear the World Cup: That’s the provocative headline to Peter Beinart’s latest piece in The Atlantic. He argues that soccer’s recent resurgence in the U.S. can be attributed in part to the fact that “the United States is yet again witnessing mass immigration from soccer-mad nations.” [The Atlantic]

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