This Little Beetle Might Cost Coffee Prices to Skyrocket

This year's coffee crop is in danger. (Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Coffee plantations throughout India are battling the white stem borer beetles. (Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Bad news for coffee drinkers and farmers: Most American coffee drinkers probably haven’t heard of the white stem borer beetle but they’ll soon notice the damage these insects are capable of. The beetles have been attacking the bark and stems of the arabica coffee plants that make up many of India’s coffee plantations. India is currently the world’s sixth largest producer of coffee and Reuters reports that unusually warm weather this year has caused the beetles to thrive. [Reuters]

The story of the boy tied to the Mumbai bus stop: Lakhan Kale, a 9-year-old boy with cerebral palsy in Mumbai, made headlines earlier this year when it was discovered that his grandmother regularly tied him to a bus stop while she went to work. CNN reporter Mallika Kapur looks at Lakhan’s story and the reality of what life is like for millions of disabled Indians. [CNN]

Depressing sentence of the day: This is the lede of the Associated Press’ recent piece on India’s crackdown on foreign charities:

India is cracking down on foreign-funded charities after receiving an internal report alleging they are costing the country up to 3 percent of its GDP by rallying communities against polluting industries.

Emphasis mine. [AP]

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