The Story of How Google Earth Reunited an Orphan with His Birth Mother

A lost child: I wrote about Saroo Brierley, the Indian-Australian adoptee who located his birth family with the help of Google Earth for NBC’s new Asian American vertical. [NBC]

Quote of the day: Over at The Nation, Hannah Harris Green interviews Saba Ahmed, the American University law student who was in the news last week after her questions at a Heritage Foundation panel were repeatedly challenged. Here’s how Ahmed describes the congressional hearings and panels she frequently attends:

I’m amazed when we go to these congressional hearings. They’re asking for hundreds of millions of dollars for the State Department budget on outreach towards counterterrorism. Out of all that money, we couldn’t hire one person who knows the Qu’ran? Every time I go to congressional hearings, again it’s budget talks. They keep on asking for more funds, and we keep on funding them. But they’re not addressing the root causes of problems.

You can read the full interview here.

95 percent of Pakistani dairy products are unprocessed: But the country’s growing middle class is demanding better options. [Bloomberg]

These are the restaurants NYC’s cabbies love: Novelist A.X. Ahmad compiled this handy list of some of the best yellow cab-approved eateries in New York. [Gothamist]

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