Read Preity Zinta’s Powerful Statement About the Charges She Filed Against Her Ex

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons
Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Actress Preity Zinta has filed a police complaint against her former boyfriend Ness Wadia, alleging that Wadia molested her inside a south Mumbai stadium during the IPL 2014 on May 30.  (Both Zinta and Wadia co-own a cricket team together.)

While many fans and members of the Indian media are engaging in a predictable and frustrating stream of victim blaming, the actress herself has released a strongly worded statement about why she decided to speak out on her Facebook page.

An excerpt is below:

Sometimes we are so ashamed and humiliated that we fool ourselves to believe that no one saw what happened . Everyone always looks away as if they don’t exist or then we don’t exist. People are embarrassed just enough to look away, but not too embarrassed to intervene.

Ironically what happened at Wankade is being diluted by every other fabricated story about my character except the truth of what happened. I’m sure the witnesses will speak the truth and i trust and believe that the police will do their job fairly and quickly.

No woman likes to be involved in a controversy like this which makes her open and vulnerable for all to take a dig at. I have worked for over 15 years in the film industry and have never been subject to such humiliating behaviour and for that i really want to thank all the men that worked with me. Through all our highs and lows my head was always held high.

Every human being has a limit to how much they can take ; some of us foolishly call it strength and try to look ahead focusing on the positives of work and life. All these years i have never said anything about him in the media but now i have no choice.

Read the whole thing here.

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