India’s Health Minister Makes Troubling Statement on Condoms and AIDS

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

That sound you hear is public health officials from all over the world smacking their heads against their desks:  India’s newly installed health minister is already raising eyebrows after recent comments about AIDS awareness in India and condom usage. Dr. Harsh Vardhan told the New York Times in an interview that more attention should be paid to “promoting the integrity of the sexual relationship between husband and wife,” rather than just on promoting condoms as a successful AIDS prevention tool. From the article:

“The thrust of the AIDS campaign should not only be on the use of condoms,” he said in a telephone interview last week. “This sends the wrong message that you can have any kind of illicit sexual relationship, but as long as you’re using a condom, it’s fine.”

Pardon me for a second, I just have to throw a bunch of things against the wall. [New York Times]

More single moms are adopting from India than ever before: Historically, it’s been relatively difficult to adopt a child from India compared to other Asian countries. Despite that, more single women are adopting from India than ever before. WomensWeb has an in-depth piece on the cultural and legal obstacles these would-be moms sometimes face. [MasalaMammas via WomensWeb]

India’s rising creative class: Here’s an interesting look at how India’s business cluture is slowly changing as India’s creative class comes of age. The piece uses Richard Florida’s definition of the creative class, which includes “people in design, education, arts, music and entertainment, whose economic function is to create new ideas, new technology and creative content.” [Free Press Journal]

Save the camels: In an effort to save its rapidly dwindling camel population, advocates in the northern Indian state of Rajasthan say that camels should receive the same legal protections that cows currently do. If the new rules take effect, that would mean that anyone who killed a camel would receive seven years in jail and anyone who smuggled one across state borders would be put away for three years. [The Guardian]

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