Hari Kondabolu Explains Colonialism on Conan

Hari explains it all: “So before we begin, I’d like you all to know that the theme of my set tonight will be colonialism.” Those were nearly the first words out of comedian Hari Kondabolu’s mouth during his set on Conan on Monday and he delivered as promised. Watch Kondabolu riff on Chinese restaurants, the real reason the Adam and Eve story is hard to believe and ask the all important question, “What would Baloo do?” (Team Coco)

40 Indians kidnapped in Iraq: One of the untold stories in the Western media about the war in Iraq is the fact that thousands of South Asians work in the country as contractors, cooks and construction workers. The Indian government confirmed on Wednesday that 40 construction workers (all Indian nationals) had been kidnapped from the northern Iraqi city of Mosul. Suresh Reddy, India’s former ambassador to Iraq, has been sent back to the country to observe the situation. (Wall Street Journal)

A startling list: According to the Committee to Project Journalists, both Pakistan and Sri Lanka make their list of top countries from which journalists flee. The primary reasons journalists seek asylum elsewhere are because of threats of imprisonment and violence. (CPJ)

Jhumpa Lahiri gets a new job: The Pulitzer Prize winning author will start teaching creative writing and translation at Princeton University next year. (Princeton)

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