CEO of Nextdoor Sentenced to 30 Days After Hit and Run

That’s not neighborly: Lifehacker once described the startup Nextdoor as “private social network and helps you meet the people in your neighborhood. Whether you need to borrow a cup of sugar or find a new tennis partner, you can connect with people nearby.” (You can watch the promo for the app above). Nextdoor’s CEO Nirav Tolia recently quite literally connected with a woman nearby when he was involved in a hit-and-run car accident. Tolia was sentenced to 30 days in jail yesterday after pleading no contest to a reduced charge.

But it looks like Tolia won’t be going to jail after all.  Due to “his good standing in the community,” Forbes reports that the Silicon Valley mogul will “complete the 30-day sentence through a weekend work program, where he will ‘put in eight- or 10-hour days doing paper pickups, washing school graffiti,’  said San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe.” (Valleywag)

Preity Zinta alleges that her ex-boyfriend abused her: The Bollywood actress filed a police complaint against businessman Ness Wadia, her former boyfriend. NDTV reports that Zinta claims Wadia “molested, abused and threatened her inside the Wankhede stadium in south Mumbai.” (The pair still co-owns the IPL cricket team Kings XI Punjab together.) Note: every piece on this case should come with a massive trigger warning. I strongly suggest skipping over reading the comments and tweets about this situation. (NDTV)

India hit with record-breaking heat wave: Delhi has been virtually shut down this week as temperatures climbed up to the 115 degree mark. (Last Sunday, it was 118 degrees.) The city’s infrastructure was unable to handle the weather and residents had to suffer through blackouts repeatedly. (Think Progress)

Afghanistan heads to the polls: BBC reporter Bilal Sarwary has been tweeting a series of fantastic photos of Afghans voting. A sampling is below:

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