Vivek Murthy’s Surgeon General Nomination is Still Being Blocked by the NRA

Vivek Murthy’s nomination continues to float in limbo: Remember Vivek Murthy, President Obama’s nominee for Surgeon General? Back in February the Senate HELP committee gave the good doctor a bipartisan recommendation and it looked like the office of Surgeon General would finally be filled. Unfortunately, the National Rifle Association has single handedly been blocking the nomination from proceeding. The NRA objects to the fact that Murthy was “was one of the authors of a letter saying that “strong measures to reduce gun violence must be taken immediately.” Yikes. (Vox)

¬†Maya Angelou and Madhur Jaffrey once had the best lunch date ever: As the world mourns poet Maya Angelou, the Guardian’s Twitter feed revisited this wonderful 2005 piece in which Angelou and the actress and cookbook author Madhur Jaffrey had a long detailed conversation about life and food over lunch.

A sampling of their conversation:

Maya Angelou: . . . I somehow knew early on that I would not live my life at someone else’s whim, out of somebody else’s ignorance. My tastebuds are mine and if I’d like to have champagne with a steak then that’s what I want. My question since I was a young person was: Who makes the rules? Was it with me in mind? And if it wasn’t, I didn’t want it.

Words to live by. (The Guardian)

Here’s what Indian voters expect from the Modi government: A Mumbai photographer took photos of voters holding signs detailing what they want from the new Prime Minister. The answers are striking. (Ab Ki Baar, @RegaJha)

The last days of a marriage:¬† 20 years ago, Zunu Zunaid (who is now 37) overstayed his student visa and had been living and working in the United States ever since. He was happily living under the radar until 2009, when he was pulled over for a DUI. The arrest lead to a series of legal battles that ultimately resulted in Zunaid’s deportation back to his native Bangladesh. The Washington Post tracked his last few days in the United States (and the effect the deportation had on his American-born wife) in this in-depth profile. (Washington Post)

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