Salman Rushdie’s New Favorite Parody Twitter Account is Hilarious

Hit follow now. The must-follow Twitter account of the week is @RushdieExplains, a new feed that purportedly explains India from Salman Rushdie’s perspective. The account’s Twitter bio proudly notes that it’s “graciously blessed by Sir himself.” You can see Sir Salman’s complementary tweet posted above. (

The Frenchman who fell in love with Urdu. Meet Julian Columeau, a 41-year-old French-born writer who the AFP calls one of Pakistan’s “most innovative Urdu novelists.” Columeau began studying Hindi in the early 90s, but found it too “clerical,” leading him to switch to Urdu. He moved to Pakistan to work in the humanitarian sector over a decade ago. (AFP)

Pizzas delivered by…drone? Mumbai’s Francesco’s Pizzeria says it has successfully managed to start delivering hot pies via drones. There’s just one little problem: police officials are now investigating why they weren’t informed before the drones went into action. (BBC)

Twitter to censor “blasphemous” tweets in Pakistan. The New York Times reports that the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority has successfully persuaded Twitter to block tweets that contain “blasphemous” or “unethical” content. The list of blocked content is what you’d probably expect, and includes “crude drawings of the Prophet Muhammad, photographs of burning Qurans, and messages from a handful of anti-Islam bloggers .” There is one surprise though: searches for Belle Knox, the so-called “Duke porn star” (who happens to have an Indian mother), are also prohibited. (New York Times)

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